Are michelle money and graham bunn dating

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franchise spinoffs, the 36-year-old entrepreneur tells Us Weekly he's done with reality TV.PHOTOS: What happens after The Bachelor's final rose?“I’ve heard things floating around, but those things always happen,” Money adds. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. Fingers crossed that, wherever she ends up, she finds what she's looking for.I know that, for some of you, it might seem like there are already too many Bachelor spinoffs, but I feel like there can never be enough, because that's the only reliable way I have of keeping up with former contestants.And, with still more romantic energy to burn on former contestants, she tried her luck on a second show — this time Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2014, where she linked up early on with fellow contestant Graham Bunn.

The way she treated Clare on BIP definitely wasn't OK, but I still do want the girl to end up happy, y'know?

Although there were rumors that they got back together in Summer 2015, and the two have a photo together from just two weeks ago with the caption, "Certain people come into your life and leave a mark that can never be erased." Ummmm! She knows how much we all loved Cody and Michelle as a couple, so she's giving us a little taste of what we want?

Either that, or they really are dating, and she's giving herself a break by doing it off-camera for once.

They were still together as of March 2015, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Ash Lee is single and ready to mingle these days.

There appears to be no evidence of any men whatsoever on her Instagram page.

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She's really been through the wringer with this franchise, so my curiosity is killing me.

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