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So if he or she is set on the idea, it is better to engage with the idea and negotiate.

Furthermore, if you follow my six steps it could not only save your marriage but be the foundation for a better one. What would make this a constructive time for both of you?

I blame myself for asking all those questions about the affair because I worry it has led to the separation.

By this I mean understanding why this is so painful – probably something to do with your childhood – and learning alternative ways to cope with adversity (rather than sending off a desperate text). If you step back, you could encourage them to come forward.” or “getting upset, angry and refusing to listen to the idea going to save your marriage” or a thousand-and-one other delay, distract and dismiss tactics.I’m not a fan of trial separations, that’s for certain, but I’m not a fan of not listening to your partner either!That’s because they are fielding ten texts and five long emails a day or when their partner comes to collect the children ends up hanging around the house.I know it’s tough because your fear is out of sight and out of mind (and if that’s the case how can you ‘work’ on your marriage).

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However, you are at risk of making your partner think true space could only be achieved by ending the relationship.