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Hedging bets dating sites

Bet hedging is understood to be a mode of response to environmental change.Adaptations that allow organisms to survive in fluctuating environmental conditions provide an evolutionary advantage.The good year specialist has the highest fitness during a good year but does very poorly during a bad year, while the reverse is true for a bad year specialist.

The bet-hedging allele arises twice due to mutation.Organisms using this form of bet hedging make these predictions and select strategies annually.For example, an organism may produce clutches of different egg sizes from year to year, increasing variation in offspring success between clutches.Unlike conservative and diversified bet hedging strategies, adaptive coin flipping isn't concerned with minimizing the variation in fitness between years.To determine if a bet hedging allele is favored, the long-term fitness of each allele must be compared.

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While this means that offspring specialized for another environment are less likely to survive to adulthood, it also protects against the possibility of no offspring surviving to the next year.