Learn serbo croat online dating

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Learn serbo croat online dating

Throughout the history of the South Slavs, the vernacular, literary, and written languages (e.g.Chakavian, Kajkavian, Shtokavian) of the various regions and ethnicities developed and diverged independently.

In the 20th century, Serbo-Croatian served as the official language of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (when it was called "Serbo-Croato-Slovenian"), and later as one of the official languages of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.The breakup of Yugoslavia affected language attitudes, so that social conceptions of the language separated on ethnic and political lines.Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, Bosnian has likewise been established as an official standard in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there is an ongoing movement to codify a separate Montenegrin standard.Of course no language guide, no matter how good, should be used on its own.You should also get the help of private teachers and/or free language exchanges (for example through Italki), as I discuss in my guide to effective language learning.

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The beginning of written Serbo-Croatian can be traced from the 10th century and on when Serbo-Croatian medieval texts were written in five scripts: Latin, Glagolitic, Early Cyrillic, Bosnian Cyrillic (bosančica/bosanica), and Arebica, the last principally by Bosniak nobility.

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