Naughty chatting robot

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Naughty chatting robot

Finally, the long-term memory is what allows us to store player's input and actions for later and then use it to determine the outcome of the game and things like that.

The main difference between Kaizen and multi-purpose AIs like Siri is the fact that Kaizen has a context.

It always makes for an interesting story when it's about the human interacting with the computer as opposed to robots killing everybody for no reason.

You can make them very smart and very responsive, but currently, no technology can actually simulate human intelligence accurately.

If we also find "where" in your input, we will know that you are asking where the food is.

The output takes a whole bunch of different variables into account in addition to the player's input: Kaizen's emotional state (there are 9 of them, and it regularly makes transitions based on what you say), the current conversation subject, the long- and short-term memory.

The chatbot will fail eventually, and when it does, if the NPC you're talking to is supposed to be human, it takes you right out of the experience.

People are expected to understand other humans, but if you know from the beginning that you're talking to a machine, then you will naturally assume that the machine can be defective!

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HAL was an excellent character, but it wouldn't be half as interesting without Dave prompting it to do and say things. Originally, the game was supposed to be a survival horror where you had to type messages into a computer to dodge evil aliens.

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