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But for men to categorically refuse to meet one-on-one with women is often dehumanizing and denies the image of Christ that each person bears.As the philosopher Dallas Willard wrote in “The Spirit of the Disciplines,” “Alienation from them makes room for harmful lusts.” It also fuels the myth that loads of women are waiting around to falsely accuse powerful men of rape, a situation that has occurred, but is rare and often used to discount real sexual trauma.The rule also promotes the preservation of men and exclusion of women in positions of leadership.If a woman at work cannot meet one-on-one with her boss or colleague, her options for advancement (or even being taken seriously as a colleague) are extremely limited.This will, no doubt, sound strange to the uninitiated.The Onion parodied the story with the headline, “Mike Pence Asks Waiter To Remove Mrs.But colleagues and employees engage in a relationship between grown-ups who ought to be able to have an appropriate work-related conversation or a meal together.

Women, after all, have more to fear from men than men from women in terms of their physical safety.How on earth can he be expected to represent half the country if he won’t eat at the same table as us?Not to mention that his ideological purity is called into question by his support of our current president, who has bragged about committing sexual assault.The Billy Graham Rule also denies the reality of LGBT people.As a friend pointed out to me: Should a bisexual person refuse to ever be alone with anyone, full stop?

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Recently, a Washington Post article about second lady Karen Pence has brought the Billy Graham Rule back into the public eye.

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  1. (And “sitch” is, of course, short for “situation.”)- L. The Solution: “Call and say ‘I’m sorry, and this is about me and not you, but I just don’t feel comfortable with a man supervising an overnighter,’ ” says Paone.