Top priority the terror within online dating

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Top priority the terror within online dating

Boutwell’s incredible tale, according to court records was a statement given by Brittany Murphy.

This was later found to be a false claim, as Brittany denied the statement, leading her to become a witness on behalf of Julia Davis in her DHS whistleblower trial.

With all the recent gains in Brittany’s case, Bertolotti has also been seen on many talk shows and news segments explaining the new results that were released in November of 2013: “I expected to be attacked for embarrassing the LA Coroner.

These tactics of planting red herrings in media hit pieces were predictable, but I’m still surprised at how low they are willing to go.

Footage obtained by a next door neighbor was used in her documentary During one of the 54 investigations into Davis, the DHS, apparently installed a new supervisor named Susan Boutwell, who had previously only worked as a clerk before managing the more experienced Davis, after her former supervisor was forced from his position following the support he displayed for the former border agent.

According to Davis, Boutwell’s daughter was trying to break into the film industry and it was “pure coincidence” that Boutwell’s daughter crossed paths with Brittany Murphy during a film audition.

The date in question was on July 4th, 2004, where Davis was apparently alerting her supervisors that illegals were improperly processed as they entered into the United States at the port in which she worked.Certainly a large media frenzy would have followed if Brittany had testified on Davis’s behalf.Adding to that, the strange forensic evidence that has seemingly been buried, has led many to question the official story.Those close to the case, have drawn attention to the questionable examination by The L. County coroner’s office, which has only been bolstered by private investigation of Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti We were told that Brittany had died of ‘natural causes’ following an autopsy performed on December 21st 2009, even though certain toxicology samples were not examined, most notably her hair, tissue and fingernails.In addition, we learned that a examination was not conducted during the autopsy due to the polish that was still present on Brittany’s fingernails.

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