X and y intercepts worksheet online dating juhuro dating sites

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X and y intercepts worksheet online dating

Or maybe Hope does 2.63 tasks and Stealth finishes up the other 2.37.

You might write it like this: Stealth Hope = 5 OR x y = 5 Stealth is the x and Hope is the y.

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Also, if you are going to graph this way (instead of doing a T-chart of points), you will need to do your graph very neatly.

If your scale on your axis is at all inconsistent or if your axes are at all crooked, this method will not work!

Or, you might even rearrange it into slope-intercept form (y on the left and everything else on the right) like this: y = -x 5 If we want to understand the relationship more clearly visually, we might use a graph: Any point on the graph tells us how many chores Hope does if Stealth does some given amount.

Of course, it's possible that Hope may have to do all of the chores, because Stealth snuck off to watch the annual city Groundhog's Day parade.

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